The NEWCOMER BOOT CAMP is a 10-week training plan for the "new" indoor cyclist with the goal of keeping them motivated and active for a longer period thus creating a habit. The workouts are designed to challenge the participants at the right level - in both intensity and length. Slowly but safely the workouts will increase the total load as their technical skills and mental capacity raises. It's the perfect way to get started!



The NEWCOMER BOOT CAMP is designed for members that haven't yet had the chance (or will) to get started, members that find it hard to develop a habit of exercise and, finally, members that have taken a long break from training and want to get restarted. After finishing their first class, participants get a burst of energy and confidence when they realize what they just endured and completed. Getting through a workout builds confidence and self-esteem. They realize they just did something incredible for their body and mind.



To help spread the word for the NEWCOMER BOOT CAMP, we support your club with "ready to go" print files for Roll-Ups, Postcards, Facebook Covers and Facebook Banners. You'll find them in our download center. They are available in English and Danish (other language by request). 




A Boot Camp is a type of group physical training program conducted by gyms or personal trainers. They are designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over a 1-hour period of time and do often push people a little bit further than they would normally push themselves in the gym alone. Boot camps provide social support for those taking part and participants often make friends and socialize as they exercise. This provides a different environment for those exercisers who get bored in a gym and so find it hard to develop a habit of exercise. The benefits of boot camp are astonishing



Members are usually tested for fitness on the first day and then retested at the end of the camp. This will set a very important motivation marker for the participants. The performed test depends on the equipment available at the location. If Heart Rate or Power is not an option you may need to think creatively and perform a Body Age Test or similar.



The succes of a boot camp often depends on the instructor's motivation and personality. As such, it's important to match your members with the instructor that best fits the enrolled group. This is typically your most outstanding instructor. We recommend that the same instructor facilitates each class of the boot camp series - this will give the best social conditions for the participants. To ensure a safe environment, in the beginning, we recommend that 2 instructors join the first classes to help and guide when it is needed.



Week  Time Focus Profile
1 25 min Introduction, testing and easy workout link
2 45 min 2 segments with mixed intervals and one major climb link
3 45 min 3 segments with longer intervals at level 4 link
4 45 min 2 segments with focus at level 3 and 4 link
5 45 min 2 segments with focus on longer climbs (technique) link
6 60 min 3 segments and first challenges in red zone link
7 60 min 3 segments with mixed intervals and higher cadence link
8 60 min 3 segments with heavy load in zone 4 link
9 60 min 3 segments with focus on multiple climbs link
10 60 min The final challenge link