Intelligent Cycling is a webbased service lwith access from any internet browser. As so, the internet and system requirements is fairly low and it can run on allmost any devices. However if you want to use our "desktop app" you need PC/Mac with good a graphics card og GPU. The better the graphics card, the more frames per second (FPS) your computer can process and the higher resolution and smoother graphics you can enjoy.

We do not recommend any specific hardware since there is many reasonable options available on the marked. If your desktop is old with a poor FPS, you can try to upgrading the graphic card.

Below you will find information about the minimum and recommended system requirements.



The Intelligent Cycling basic system is located in the cloud and is runned from the browser. No downloads or waiting time is needed. While Intelligent Cycling will work on allmost all browsers, we recommend Google Chrome for a safe and smooth experience. The Following browsers are the most popular.


Google Chrome (recommended)    Link
Microsoft Internet Explorer    Link
Firefox    Link
Microsoft Edge    Link
Safari    Link




To keep ahead of time and future updates, we recommend that studios/clubs that need to project the IC system to eighter TV screen or projector use the following recommended specs. (for installation you might want to search for mini-pc´s or gaming PC´s since they can be hidden behind the screen or in the music cabinet.) Our recommendations are marked with "()".


OS    Windows 7 64bit or higher
PROCESSOR    Intel Core i5-4200M
   (We recommend 16GB)
GRAPHICS    Geforce GTX 1050
   (We recommend 1060 or 1070)
HARD DISK    10Gb of free space




Our workouts at Intelligent Cycling is available online and will run on almost any internet connection. If you want to experince a smooth ride - maybe while streaming music online, we recommend  a minimum speed of 5-10 megabytes per second (5mbps).