In 2005, Fitness World opened their first fitness center at Gasværksvej in Copenhagen to challenge the expensive Danish fitness market for price, quality, efficiency and selection. Fitness World was the first to eliminate the long six-month bond period, which was the standard in Denmark. It quickly became apparent that the model was popular with the Danes, which meant that they opened many more gyms in the coming years.

Today, more than 10 years later, there are more than 150 centers in Denmark and they employ in the area of ​​3,500 instructors, personal trainers, diet managers and center employees. They make sure that almost half a million Danes can train and exercise every single day.


Since its inception in 2005, Fitness World has made every effort to inspire as many as possible for a healthier life. They see their clubs as a backbone for physical and social well-being and growth houses for new healthy habits and mental profits.

Some train as part of an active lifestyle. Others to grow the right places. Some train to be with others. Others just want to be alone. There must be room for differences and spaciousness. Everybody must be able to join. Regardless of age, bankbook, and physical ability. It's the health that binds us all together.



Fitness World uses Intelligent Cycling® as a part of their indoor cycling teaching system. Together with the instructor it provides the backbone of motivation for the thousands of members joining the classes each day. Intelligent Cycling® provides Fitness World with their own Camps, but they are open for everyone in this virtual universe. See the workouts below.