The Workouts

This depends on what kind of workout you are looking for, but we recommend that you start with some soft camp or base camp workouts. These workouts are relatively simple and provide a good introduction to the IC player.

Most indoor bikes are designed with a fixed flywheel. The rotation force from the flywheel gives you support during standing climbing. The workouts you will find in the section for indoor bikes are therefore put together with a high frequency between seated and standing work. If you do your training on a real bike, you are probably an experienced cyclist or triathlete. You might use your bike in combination with a turbo trainer during winter periods and might be looking for training programs to boost your training level for the next season. The workouts in this section will be suitable for you if you want a more “real-life” experience on the bike with short jumps from seated to standing.

The IC standard is the seven power zones created by Dr. Andrew Coggan. If you want to go with five training zones and different colors, you can make these changes in your settings.

We have created an intelligent algorithm that can recalculate all of our workouts. How the algorithm works is an IC secret!

We have a team of skilled trainers putting the IC workouts together, and you can see their names on the specific programs. However, most of our standard IC programs have been created by Brian Overkaer – founder and CEO of Intelligent Cycling®.

Each workout is designed for a specific goal. The basic structure includes a warm-up followed by a transition to the main set, the main set itself, and the cool-down. The on-screen instructions tell you what to do in the current interval, what is coming next, and the complete insight into the current segment. Intelligent Cycling gives you guidance for training and ensures that you are doing time-efficient cycling training.

If you use Intelligent Cycling® as an IC member, it is only for personal use. If you are an instructor or you own a gym and want to use Intelligent Cycling®, you must purchase the commercial license.

New workouts are released on Wednesdays and Sundays. Sign up for our newsletter to receive each release immediately in your mailbox. You can also join us on Facebook.

The IC Session Designer lets you be your own coach and create your own workouts. Although we've made hundreds of intelligent segments for you to choose from. The IC Session Designer gives you the chance to be both unique and professional with your training. We guarantee the quality of each segment.

No, you cannot create your own segments. Our trust is based upon “intelligence” and you can therefore only create workouts with the IC Session Designer using our pre-constructed segments. If you want to apply to become an IC coach, contact us at IQ@intelligent-cycling.com.

Let’s face it – there are many genres of music and each of those genres, artists or songs have a different impact! Many of our profiles are provided without music so you can select your own and ride to work encourages you and your riders.

The heart rate reacts slowly to any changes in your workout. If you change your cadence or gear, it might take as long as 2–3 minutes before your heart rate reaches a steady state and stabilizes. The heart rate intensity profile is therefore shown in a graph. Training with power is a different story. Power is instant, and we can shift between the different zones in a second. No delay! Therefore the intensity profile for power is displayed in columns.

The IC Player

No, it is not currently possible to pause your workout once started, but this is one of the features we will be working on in the future.

No, it is not currently possible to jump in the workouts, but this is another feature we will be working on in the future.

The IC player shows each segment because we want you to have better insight into each individual interval. In the beginning of the workout, you will find a presentation of the complete profile and the player will show your progress in the full workout in each recovery phase.

Your Profile

We want the sign-up procedure to be as simple as possible. We, therefore, decided that your email is your username. You can change your email address in your privacy settings. Note: You can connect your IC account to your Facebook account. This way, your Facebook name and profile picture will be displayed publicly rather than your IC username.

You can reset your password from the landing page. Simply hit the “forgot password” link and add your email address and we will send you a new password to your mailbox.

You can find information about your membership under your profile. You find your profile settings in the top-right corner of the website. See receipts, billing plan, cancel membership and much more.

You can find information about your membership under your profile. You find your profile settings in the top-right corner of the website. Here, you can see your receipts and billing plan, you can cancel your membership and much more.


You can read about how to become part of our team in our Become an IC Coach guide.